We provide wholesale and reseller solutions for

Wireless FibrexDSL Broadband


Entry level, zero capital investment required. Whitelabel broadband and hosting solutions.

VNO Solutions

Ready made, turnkey data network solutions with a fully managed dedicated team.


Our hardware hotel offers your network the very best facilities, service and care.

VNO Solutions

Virtual Fixed Wireless Gigabit FibreBroadband Network Operator

Have your own dedicated network without investing capital.

Full Network Scope

You design the network coverage, we construct using Ofcom code powers and operate the network in-house.

Ultrafast Performance

We can provide gigabit solutions over a hybrid network offering lower cost per premise passed than our competitors.

Your Extended Team

From a dedicated account manager, you'll also have a dedicated channel for provisioning and technical support.

Scaled Growth

Minimum investment required which can be phased to maximise operational budgets and cashflow.

CDN Colocation

We can assist with the deployment of a Content Distribution Network for Youtube, Netflix. BBCi & More.

Security and Performance

We monitor the network proactively for security threats and for performance quality to ensure reliable services.

Company News
Stogursey Update 1

We have had the new Ethernet connection installed, which is now being tested prior to commissioning. This will start the trials in the new WestWiFi Unlimited service for £10 a month.  

It’s been a long time coming, however we’re nearing the end of the legacy SWWISP network. The work taken to date will secure multiple areas with broadband when the old network is decommissioned. This will be backed up by the installation of full fibre and upto 10Gbps of backhaul capacity. This will provide enough room to take over the SWWISP network requirement and grow to new areas. 

The next step will be configuring the network with the new IP addresses and start switching the first few trial customers. We expect a wider migration during the summer while we decommission old SWWISP apparatus. 

Please see www.westwifi.co.uk for more information. 

Openreach’s FTTP Plans

With the decommissioning of the copper network being planned for 2025, Openreach are in a huge drive to rollout full fibre to replace the copper network. We’ve found a useful map which highlights areas being built now, will soon be built or in the planning stages.

Some areas have already had a full fibre build and will be overlaid and other areas will miss out completely, left until the end. We are aware at the last superfast broadband deployment reached 98.8%. The last few percent is the hardest to reach and we suspect the final few may have to wait beyond 2025 for full fibre access. 

To see Openreach’s map – Please see https://api.superfastmaps.co.uk/fibrecities/2.0/ (This is a third-party website we have no control over) 

Our pricing starts from £32 a month with friendly, local engineers with installation from £55. For further information on our Openreach based Full Fibre FTTP – Click here


CityFibre have been busy deploying a new gigabit network bringing a new level of connectivity alongside Openreach & Virgin Media. Properties in theres areas are already enjoying our WestFibre ethernet services through our Cityfibre partnership. Please
click here to discover more.

Ethernet FTTP Availability

  • Redcliffe & Temple Meads
  • Queens Square
  • St Philip’s Marsh
  • College Green
  • Brandon Hill
  • Clifton
  • Almondsbury

This provides FTTP full fibre from £200 a month with gigabit options. Use your existing router if compatible or have a new router from us. Fully installed and locally supported. To order, click here.


While Openreach, Jurassic Fibre & Virgin Media start their network builds in Bridgwater, Native FTTP has been available in a few new-build clusters around town. Properties in theres areas are already enjoying our WestFibre services through our Openreach partnership. Please
click here to discover more.

Native FTTP Availability

  • Paragon Place
  • Stockmoor
  • Wilstock Village
  • Durleigh Gardens
  • Bonita, Wembdon
  • Naples View
  • The Parade Development

This provides FTTP full fibre from £32 a month with gigabit options. Use your existing router if compatible or have a new router from us. Fully installed and locally supported. To order, click here.

Welcome to our new website

We’re pleased to launch our new website, bringing together all of our services and brands under one roof. It’ll bring secure ordering and billing portal access with more information and social/blog posts. 

As the country restarts following the national lockdowns, many operators, including ourselves are finally announcing future deployment plans and are starting rolling out fibre. As part of our effort, we’ve launched a new website with better blog posting to report on our deployments better, tied into social media to help spread the word. 

We’ve had many events to deal with over the last 12 months and we’re growing every day. To benefit our existing customers, we’ve revamped our my account portal to fix annoying invoice issues and emails landing in the junk folder. 

We strive to provide one of the cheapest broadband services using brand new technology where other operators miss out. The work is hard and its on-going. Please check our our live chat or call 0800 6 102 109 if you have any questions. . 

Ashcott Update 1

We’re almost ready to start testing in and around Ashcott & Meare nr Glastonbury. With over 80% of the deployment installed, we’re weeks away from accepting new orders. 

Work is progressing well with the majority of hardware already installed. With great help and many thanks to the land owner, the radio installation is nearing completion. Once the radios are broadcasting, field surveys will commence to determine the coverage area. 

We will be marketing this coverage area and providing a maildrop to create awareness. We will also be surveying the local area for a slightly extended FTTH deployment.  

Please see www.westwifi.co.uk for more information. 


Our StreetWorks Service has launched!

With NRSWA Supervisors, Operatives and a turn key with permitting and planning solutions available.