Broadband with a Landline

Deploying superfast broadband nationwide is an impossible task, as witnessed by the incumbent operator. It’s also an complex task overlaying a national network where gigabit and superfast speeds already exist.  Therefore we have teamed up with Openreach, BT Wholesale and TalkTalk Business to use their last mile network to connect your location to our network.

The delivery network is owned and controlled by Openreach and will use either a copper or fibre connection to go the last mile and connect your home or business. At the earliest handover point, we’ll off-load your connection and traffic over onto our network, providing greater speeds and capacity during peak times.

We can supply pre-configured routers, provide the very best setup and aftersales care with friendly engineers who can visit to solve problems and get you back online. Even if you have a bad phoneline and have had issues before, we will be happy to diagnose faults and work with Openreach to resolve these promptly. Please speak to us if you have any questions or concerns.  

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Own Realm xDSL Brochure (PDF)
Hardware Provisioning Brochure (PDF)
CPE Installation Brochure (PDF)

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